Bio of Karen Ann Giammarino  “Morning Prayer Music"


It seems like only yesterday that I gave my heart to the Lord.   But in fact, it's been nine years now.  When you ask the Lord to come into your heart, He will.  And when He does, your life will never be the same.  Folks ask me how it was that I became saved, and it’s really quite simple.  I said the “Sinner's Prayer” with every Minister on TBN one evening, because I thought that if once was good, more had to be better!  In praying this prayer, I confessed that I was a sinner, recognized Jesus as my Savior, and I asked Him to come into my heart.  The next thing I did was ask Him… “What would you have me do with my life now, Lord”? 


        Thankfully, I would receive a clear answer within the still small voice that I would soon grow accustomed to hearing.   During that time, the Lord sent me the first of many songs, which I would hear fully orchestrated.  This way there would be no confusion as to who had sent them!  The music would seem to come straight from the throne of God, and my abilities would come not of myself, but rather from the Holy Spirit’s anointing.  That’s what I call a new life in Christ! If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!...2 Corinthians 5:17…Amen.  God would then lead me to a church where I could serve Him, and be ready.  He was about to reveal His plans for my life. 


       The vision was clear, and I knew what I was hearing. These songs were to be used as an instrument to reach across barriers. Hearts would be softened, people would be blessed, and a desire to be closer to God would be born in all who listened.  He would reach people within all of the seasons of their lives, and His message would be unveiled to them in His music. This music seems to reveal something different to everyone.


       The inspiration for these songs would come at any time, no matter the circumstance.  It's easier to hear the Lord when things are quiet, but He can reach you in a noisy crowd, too.   It didn’t seem to matter where I was because He could reach me!  If I wasn’t close to my piano, I would write them on anything I had, including napkins.   On one such occasion, I was in a hospital waiting room anxiously awaiting news of my mother who was undergoing a medical procedure.  I was alone, and frightened when I heard that “still small voice” say “You take care of this, and I’ll take care of your mother.”  At once, music began to flow into my heart, and as I would write it down, all fear began to leave me.  God would teach me that fear cannot live in the midst of praise. When I was done, the piece “He’s Coming Back” was complete.  


       One of God’s most precious blessings is that of loving friends, and in that area, I feel especially privileged.  One such friend, who has grown to be like a sister to me, is Donna Marie, featured vocalist on the Morning Prayer album.  We met at the Calvary Baptist Church Ladies Bible Study, and quickly became friends.  This was the church the Lord had led us both to, interestingly enough, at about the same time.  This was where we served and where God would allow us to make our connection.  Here we would find Grace, and Christian brothers and sisters willing to share their time, their love, and their prayers.   Our support group was led by two of the most incredible Pastors, who were all about giving us the confidence we would need to carry out the mission.  As Donna Marie would say,  “This is where we would become Grounded and Focused on the Lord.”  I was an active member of my church when we met; serving as church pianist, as well as director of the Junior Choir.  I founded “Truth Encounter,” our youth praise team, and had visions of musicals dancing in my head.  However, I needed help!  God put Donna Marie on my heart, and she agreed to help.  We began working to bring out the natural musical abilities of each child, and it wasn’t long afterward that I found out that Donna Marie had musical abilities of her own.  God has graced her with a vocal talent that is shared by very few.  God would use our relationship for His glory, as we would perform the songs for “Special Music” at our Church.  People would be moved to tears as the Holy Spirit moved in them.   Donna Marie would sing the songs I had written with such an anointing, that you would be taken on a journey directly into the heart of the music as you listened to her.  God graced her with the ability to allow us to see the vision, and that was the beginning of our working together on “Morning Prayer.”   Sadly, Donna Marie has since moved away from our area, but we stay in close contact…still sharing each others lives and hearts by the Grace of God.


        God had surprises for me in the way of bringing Sharon Taylor into my life. I met Sharon when my husband Joe called me to the computer, and said “Karen, you need to see this!”  He was referring to a website that was designed by Space Acres… aka Sharon Taylor. He believed that it was just the kind of site that I was looking for, and that I should definitely call whoever designed it…because they were terrific.


        Well, I called Sharon, and suffice it to say…she was all that and more.  She designed the “Morning Prayer” site for me while listening closely to my heart.  She heard what I didn’t say, and she said what I needed to hear. She didn’t miss a beat,  or the opportunity to bless me in everything she did, and she saw to it that “Morning Prayer Music” would be a beautiful site in more ways than I knew existed.  I could feel her grace, warmth and spirit as we worked together and I knew it was a blessing from God. 


         God had designs on us.  He saw to it that we would be brought together…from different parts of the country…so many miles apart, yet one and the same in spirit and heart.  In His perfect timing, and by His infinite wisdom, He has more than blessed us. We never ceased to be amazed when we think about the divine orchestration of every last detail, or should I say…beat.  After a time, Sharon surprised me with the fact that she could sing!   Was I surprised???  You bet!  I nearly fell off my chair when I heard her!!!  One day, when I was feeling rather “In the dumpster-ish”, she emailed me an MP3…just because she thought I needed to be uplifted.  Well…it sent me soaring, and that’s exactly where God wants us to be when He blesses us, isn’t it!!!  I knew she was a tech genius, but talk about God blessing one person with a talent and anointing in so many different areas!!!  I was speechless.  How about that!  As things began falling into place,   we could see that His plan would be revealed as we acted in obedience to Him.  


       You know, the Lord speaks to me in the morning… sometimes I think, more than any other time of the day.  It’s when I pray, and lay my requests at His Throne, before going about the day’s business.  My Nana used to do the same thing.   She would tell me that I was her first prayer in the morning, and I could hear her as she prayed for every aspect of my life.  She would sing to me at every opportunity, and her sweet voice would find me wherever I was.  What a wonderful way to show someone how much you love them, and I definitely felt loved.  Through the power of prayer, you can transform lives.  Blessings bring blessings, and the gift goes on.  Nana would go to heaven far before I was ever ready for her to make the journey, but her gift lives on in me.  I now have my very own “Morning Prayer.”


        I look to each day as an opportunity to make myself available to His service.  That isn’t to say that the road has been easy…that there are no trials…no attacks from the adversary at every turn.  Oh no, these things are a given for someone who is serving on the front lines of ministry.  The music ministry is no exception, and in fact, as the Lord would have it, the musicians would be sent into battle first.  It is better to “Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.” Ephesians: 6:11.  I will not allow these trials to stop me from doing the Lords work.  Through them, and sometimes because of them, with a prayerful connection to the Spirit of the living God, He has revealed to me a message by giving me His music.  As I seek to glorify Him through it, it is my prayer that you will be blessed by it.  That He would heal you, and keep you protected by the power of His hand.  And finally, that you would have a deeper understanding of His love, and share it with others and have your very own “Morning Prayer" too.


Always in His Love,


Karen Ann Giammarino


And In Him you too are being built together to become a dwelling in which God lives by His Spirit…Ephesians 2:22