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“Morning Prayer” The Inspiration behind the Music of Karen G



He’s Coming Back-

I was listening to Pastor Craig’s message on Matthew 28 one Sunday.  

I’ll never forget it, because  he spoke of how the angel told Mary Magdalene, and Mary that he knew they were looking for Jesus, and He wasn’t there (in the tomb).  It was at that very moment that the words and music for “He’s Coming Back” began to flow forth.  I knew that I shouldn’t be writing music while my Pastor was giving his Sermon, but it seemed as though I was powerless to stop it.  It was as if a door to my heart was opened so that the Lord could let me know what was on His.  I must have completed almost half the song before Pastor was finished, but the remainder of it did not come to me until I found myself in a hospital waiting room.  My mother was having a heart catheterization when the remainder of “He’s Coming Back” was written.  While I waited and prayed, my heart was heavy and fearful for I was alone, but Our Lord worked through the fear, and allowed me to feel this particular song with such incredible intensity. I could hear Him saying- “Concentrate on this, and leave the rest to me.”  


Destined for the Throne

As I waited for my mother to have surgery on her face for skin cancer, an older woman of ninety or so, walked into the waiting room. I looked at her, and at once commented on how lovely she looked, and how her blue eyes matched her dress perfectly.  She looked at me, and said- “Well! It’s Sunday, You Know!”, and went on to tell me of how many surgeries she had gone through for her particular type of disease. That day she would wait a good amount of time to have another, and they would need to go deeper this time to try to remove it.  When she was taken in, once again, my spirit was flooded with music.  The Lord allowed me to see what it would feel like to have the suffering of His beloved end, and find them in Heaven.  I didn’t have any paper, but there were napkins next to the coffee.  I proceeded to write “Destined for the Throne”, and completed it before my mother came out.  The words and music flowed forth as one, as though it were fully orchestrated before I had ever heard it.  I was sure that it was.


Your Morning Prayer

Sometimes, you are truly blessed by being someone’s first prayer. Someone who loves you so much, that they want to do everything they can to protect you through that prayer covering.  I was my grandmother’s, and she never hesitated to tell me that. As I would listen to her go through her list of family members, I would hear her broken English “Italian” accent confirm it to be true.  She would sing to me in Italian whenever she watched me at a task, and would look at me with all knowing eyes, as if to say- “I know you will always remember how much I love you”.  So much of who I am today is because of her, and her love for me.  When she went to be with the Lord, this music came so quickly.  It was like a balm to my spirit, as I was suffering greatly. I knew, that even in this suffering, the Lord was blessing me with His Word.  We would be together again.




Scripture References for the songs.


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