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Jesus said “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” This applies not only to the words we speak but also to the ministry that comes forth from the heart. To anyone who has listened to the works of Karen Giammarino there is no doubt that the Love of God fills her heart. The abundance of God’s love and compassion flows from her every note and every word. The anointing of God on Karen’s life and ministry is obvious and will, I believe, touch the hearts of the nations of the world.


Rev Bennie Blount    BBMI Radio


God has given Karen Giammarino a tremendous gift.  Her ability to touch hearts with her music and the message she puts with it has been a great blessing to our church and to me personally.  Her CD has brought peace to many of us as we listen to it time after time.  We can feel God taking the stress away and giving His perfect peace through His gift to us through Karen.


Reverend Craig Adams - Senior Pastor 

Calvary Baptist Church, Warwick NY


"Morning Prayer" is an amazing collection of inspired songs that will appeal to listeners of any age. Inspirational, uplifting, relaxing, and affirming are just a few words one could use to describe this album.   Truly something for everyone and every walk of life.   Karen  has  put her faith and her love for Christ into every note of "Morning Prayer" and Donna Marie's compelling vocals convey the passion of this music's message beautifully.   I highly recommend this album.  You will be blessed.


Sharon Taylor

Space Acres Digi-Design



If you'd like to send Karen a comment about "Morning Prayer", please send her an email.  


She'd love to hear your thoughts! 

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