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  About "Designed by God"...


You hear people talking about the flood gates opening up, and every once and a while, you get to experience the phenomenon for yourself.  This was surely one of those times.


I was playing piano on a usual day in my usual “Getting ready for Sunday mode.”  Suddenly, this beautiful music began to come from my tired fingers, and I began to sing to the melody I was hearing.  What was this?... I thought.  


Oh my….the next emotions were so intense I nearly fell off my bench!!!  The Lord was giving me a graduation song for my daughter and her classmates.  With graduation only a few weeks away, I thought…..Lord!  I didn’t think of this, and of course He said “I DID.”  My goodness, did I become emotional, because surely…this was one of the most beautiful songs that God has ever given me.  I just sat there and sobbed like a baby.  The flood gates let loose and I allowed myself to think about the things my heart wanted to say, but I was too busy to hear. Once again, God was in control.  Our babies were growing up and they needed to be blessed.  I called the song “Designed by God.”


It’s a funny thing that I knew God was in control, because my next thought was HOW oh HOW will I ever get this done in time???  Enter Sharon Taylor and my husband, Joe.  Sharon did a record breaking, heart throbbing job on the tracks and vocals, and Joe created the beautiful video.  This was nothing short of miraculous.  I scanned and tweaked more photos  of the graduates than I thought possible, and we had ourselves a video for presentation at graduation.  The only way I can describe it is to say that it’s a “Ten Tissue” song…. extremely moving and hauntingly beautiful.  


What a tremendous gift God has given to each of us. The children and their families were blessed indeed, and it’s beyond amazing to me.  



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