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  About "God Bless America"...

        A few years ago, I sat in my “Comfort” chair and looked out the window at our flag outside.  On this particular day, it was blowing gently in the soft soothing breeze…but… the winds of adversity were strong.  Certainly this was an election year, and at every turn there was another battle to be fought.  Our country was divided, with both parties at odds continually.


        While looking outward, but reflecting inward…the music for God Bless America came upon me.  God was inspiring me, and just as He had in the past with the other songs I had written…He allowed me to hear the music along with the words.  I was working on completing the Morning Prayer CD, so GBA would have to wait.  I wrote everything down…and waited on God.

        Finally, I was able to begin working on this new wonder of a song.  When I told Sharon Taylor about it, she became really excited.  As I shared more of it with her, she would hear what I was hearing…amazing.  Surprising?...NO…Amazing?…YES!  Sharon would often email me MP3’s so that she could share what she was coming up with, and it was good…really good.  I was more than inspired…Sharon too.  She spent countless hours creating outstanding instrumental & vocal tracks, and I’ll tell you what….THEY ROCK! Talk about a “Phenom” of a musical and vocal artist!!!  Be prepared to have your socks blown off!!!  

        Here are the facts:


America was built on Biblical principals…plain and simple.  To change the foundation doesn't make sense.  It doesn't make sense to:

  • Take God out of the Pledge of Allegiance
  • Take the Ten Commandments down from the Court House
  • Ban prayer in public schools
  • To condone the slaughtering of the unborn! (With over 1.3 million lives per year.   This amounts to 64 times more than all of our 12 wars combined!!!)  


And the list goes on.  So, I was thinking….all this, and we think we can expect God’s blessing???  Are we just stupid, or are we feigning ignorance…or both??


        Thus far, our God has been patient.  How long will it last?  How long will He allow us to slowly decimate everything that we once were?  Well, I’m not sure…but I will continue to work for Him and keep my eyes focused on the music He has given me.  


God Bless America!!


Click here for the inspiration behind the song.

Click here to download "God Bless America".



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