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“Morning Prayer” The Inspiration behind the Music of Karen G



With Heaven’s Love

A couple from my church, who we had grown to love, was planning the wedding of their daughter.  The ceremony was to be held at our Church, and I was asked to provide the piano music for it.  One day, the mom and I were having a conversation about it, and she happened to mention to me that she was wondering if I had ever written a song for my own wedding.  I replied that I had not, and that I really only began writing music after I had given my heart to the Lord- which was many years after I was married.  Once again, I asked the Father if it was His will that there could be a special song for this occasion.  Once again, and immediately thereafter, “With Heaven’s Love” was written.  Talk about right down to the wire!  The wedding was only a few short weeks away, and Donna Marie and I worked together quickly (through the Grace of God) to be able to perform this song for the couple at the ceremony.  It was to be done just prior to the couple taking their vows.  I don’t think that there was a dry eye in Church as the Holy Spirit moved through His music, and we felt so blessed to be able to add to the joy of a new family being formed by God.  It has blessed yet another couples wedding this past fall, and we’re looking forward to still another in the spring.

The Road to Calvary

As I thought about Mary holding Jesus as an infant, I became overwhelmed with love.  This song came because of that love.  It came fast from the heart of God, as did all of the others.  I believe that God sent me this song because he desired people to see how very much Jesus' birth and death are connected, and that when we celebrate His birth at Christmas, we need to recognize why He came, and be aware of the love it took for Him to go to the cross.  When folks hear this song, they cannot decide whether it is appropriate for Christmas or Good Friday.  I think that it is both, because of how one so directly affects the other.

Even Now

One day, while talking with a special friend, she shared her feelings about Christian Music with me.  She told me that although there was an abundance of Christian songs to listen to, she wished that there were more for couples to enjoy together as they celebrated their lives with one another.  That very next week, I would find myself watching my husband and daughter playing together as we were on vacation.  As I watched them quietly from a distance, I found myself reflecting on our lives together.  The words for “Even Now” overflowed into my heart, and I began writing.  The Lord finished the song that day, and although I would need to wait until I arrived home to play it on the piano, I knew I had a very special gift from God… He answers prayers both big and small.

I Wanna Hear You

We had just found out that Donna Marie’s sister Renee was sick.  We were praying and waiting in expectation of what the doctors would say.  Anyone who is in this position knows the anxiety, and the sheer fright endured because of it.  The only way to see it through is by the Grace of a loving God, who knows just how we feel.  It was late in the evening when I sat quietly as I thought and prayed for this dear sister in Christ. The words to “I Wanna Hear You” would come quickly through that prayer, and the anointing of the Holy Spirit would reach me in such a way, that I would feel a connection to Renee that night. I believe that God wants us to know, that even in those times of sheer terror, and through them, we are to glorify Him. Our strength will come from the Lord, and He will be ever close. We need but to call upon His name.  

Make A Change

As Christians, God commands us to make a change in the lives of others…To help them, to love them, to comfort them, and to be a disciple for Him in order to further His Kingdom.  As the days of our lives pass us by, what have we done…what should we do.  Each of us has been ordained by Him in some special way, with abilities that transcend our understanding.  Through prayer and an opened heart, He will reveal them to us.  He speaks to each of us, if we but listen.   

As the snow gently fell, I played my piano.  So much was happening in the world, and I thought…Jesus must be close.  It was Christmas time here, but war raged on elsewhere.  As if I had played it forever, “Make a Change” came… words and music as one…straight from the throne…with a message to be ready… to listen…to make a change.


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