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“Morning Prayer” The Inspiration behind the Music of Karen G



I’ll Love You Always

My mother, and father-in-law were about to celebrate their Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary, and we were planning a huge celebration for them.  My father-in-law had been diagnosed with Mesotheleoma, and after having surgery to remove a lung, we were very encouraged that he would have more time with us.  Just before the celebration, we were to find that the disease had invaded the other lung as well.  My husband Joe knew that the Lord was giving me music, and wondered if He had something in mind for this special occasion. Immediately, I began to pray.  While still in my pajamas and robe, and for four hours straight, the Lord gave me “I’ll Love You Always”.  I had a hard time keeping up with Him, and was sobbing as He gave me the special words to this song.  When I was done, I cried out to the Lord in thanksgiving for what He had done for us. On the evening of the celebration, we performed it with so much love.  It was a blessing to our parents, and is to us now, as we remember how lovingly my husband’s prayer was answered.  

The First Time I Saw Jesus

My daughter, Noelle, was suffering greatly with what I hoped were severe growing pains.  She would cry day after day, and night after night.  The doctors wanted to do a bone scan to make sure that there were no tumors in her leg.  I was in deep distress, and one day, as I prayed with my Pastor, he gave me cause to remember a vision I had quite some time before.  He told me that he didn’t believe that the Lord was going to take Noelle through this, but that it just might be related to spiritual attack.  He went on to say that it could very well be possible that it had something to do with the music I was writing, and how it would minister to others.  I cried out to The Lord, and told Him that I would write the music just the same, and that I would not stop glorifying His Name because of any attack on Satan’s part.  At that moment, I remembered a very vivid dream/vision I had years before I had been Born Again.  I was walking with Jesus as He carried the cross, and we were talking to one another.  I remember wiping His head, and I remember the dirt bringing up dust.  I remember that there were many people around us, and much activity, but it was silenced to me at that time. The only thing that seemed important was what we were talking about, but after I awoke, I could not remember a thing we said to one another.  This amazed me, because usually you can remember something.  Also, this dream was more like a vision, and I was never able to fully explain it to anyone. That changed when Pastor Craig told me that if I needed an idea for a song, he would really love to hear what I would write about the first time I see Jesus.  I could not keep up with what the Lord was giving me in this song.  He waited until this time in my life to allow me to remember what happened that day in the vision.  I could remember writing, and thinking- Just a second Lord!- Please give me a chance to catch up!  It was, and is, incredible to me. I realized what I had written when I was done, and it became vividly clear to me that Jesus had always had a plan to tell me what we spoke about that day.  It would have to wait until I gave my heart to Him, and be willing to use it for Him.  I anxiously await the response of those that are touched, and saved by the message in His music.


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